Anger is a normal and intense emotion. It is how we choose to manage our anger that can potentially lead to many problems of ourselves and others.  Feeling angry can at times lead the angry person to feel helpless, misunderstood, and alone. This can seem strange to many people because of the perception that individuals who have difficulty managing their anger are often thought of as being strong and dominant, not vulnerable and helpless. Expressed in ways that are unhealthy (aggressive anger or passive aggressiveness), anger can create distance and leave everyone feeling exhausted and hurt.

This is where therapy for anger management can be very helpful. Such therapy helps individuals learn and gain confidence in their ability to control anger and express it in appropriate, productive ways. Additionally, therapy is not only for the person who has difficulty expressing anger in a healthy way, but it is also for the person who lives with someone who has difficulty with anger management. You can learn healthy approaches as to how to respond to someone that expresses anger without damaging relationships.