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At PsychCare, our staff has successfully helped many individuals, couples, and families resolve a wide variety of personal concerns through individual therapy, marriage counseling, family therapy, as well as psychological and educational evaluations. Our clinicians in Baltimore, Columbia, and Silver Spring MD, brings decades of experience in specialized areas of treatment and assessment, such as couples counseling, anxiety and depression treatment, and psychological evaluations and forensic psychological services.

What to Expect

Whether it is therapy, assessment, or consultation, at PsychCare we custom tailor our approach by carefully selecting evidence based approaches that best fit your specific situation, personality, culture, values, and strengths. We recognize that no two individuals are alike and that each person is unique.

Why Choose Us

PsychCare provides psychological services in Baltimore, Columbia, and Silver Spring, Maryland, specializing in psychological testing, therapy and consultation for children, teens, and adults. The clincians at PsychCare have extensive training and experience in the services they provide. Additionally, PsychCare offers several conveniences, such as night and weekend appointments and accepts many health insurance plans.

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Testimonials from our Clients

I’m glad a friend recommended you to me. During our sessions I learned many things about myself I didn’t know or was afraid to look at. You helped me regain the confidence and strength that I had lost . You gently challenged me to see my ‘blind spots.’  Thank you for helping me during such a tough time in my life. I now feel a stronger sense of authenticity and truly happy

Alex , Baltimore
My therapist was very much aware of my feeling and how my actions-physical and mental was affecting my thoughts. She is a very good listener and she always had solutions to help me. I feel extremely comfortable talking to her and I must say she is the best therapist I have ever had. I know I can depend on her to help me work out my problems.
Client, Columbia
I am more confident at handling my situation now. Suggestions made were put into place and they actually worked. I feel 200% better thanks to my therapist.
Client, Columbia
I felt that my therapist listened to me. She didn’t assume to know why I said or felt things. At the same time, she did have very accurate insight! She made observations I never considered about myself, and offered suggestions for ways to handle situations that I never thought of! I am super grateful to her.
Client, Baltimore
My therapist is an amazing therapist and I am so grateful for her and what I have learned from her. She listens intently and is truly caring and understanding. You don’t feel judged. She makes you comfortable with confiding in her and opening up about difficult things you struggle communicating otherwise.
Client, Silver Spring

My therapist is a wonderful counselor who got my family and I through a really difficult time.  She made such a  difference in my life.

Client, Silver Spring

Many Insurances Accepted

Our Services

Therapy for Adults

Therapy can be a powerful, even life-changing, experience that can help you connect your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, deepen your understanding of what is meaningful and valuable in your life. It can also bring a greater sense of coherence, authenticity, and wholeness to who you are in work, love, and relationships.

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Child and Adolescent Therapy

At PsychCare we serve the emotional needs of children, adolescents, teenagers and their families. Our clinicians have specialized training to diagnose and treat emotional and behavioral issues such as, but not limited to:

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Couples Counseling

Here at PsychCare, we would like to help you get unstuck and resolve that same old argument, reduce the conflict, increase trust and improve intimacy. Our goal is to help you move from distress to recovery with a deeper and more secure bonding relationship.

At PsychCare, several of our clinicians  specialize working with couples and devoting their professional life to helping couples move from distress to recovery. Our clinicians also understands that choosing a marriage counselor or couples therapist can be difficult. That is why we offer a free 15 minute phone consultation.

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Psychological Evaluations

The psychologists at PsychCare provide a variety of psychological assessment services for children, teenager, and adults. PsychCare clinicians have a wealth of experience and training in providing a wide variety of psychological evaluations. Evaluations generally consists of a thorough diagnostic interview, and standardized psychological assessments.

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Forensic Psychology Services

PsychCare psychologists work with individuals, families, attorneys, and organizations providing a wide array of forensic psychological consultation in both civil and criminal matters. Forensic Psychology is a very specialized area of psychology that PsychCare psychologists have experience and training with providing such services.

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