Group therapy can be a very powerful and changing experience. There are some groups that are more focused on learning skills, while other are more focused on the interpersonal dynamics of the group. Group therapy can be useful as a form of therapy by itself or as an adjunct to another type of therapy.  PsychCare offers several different groups throughout the year. We are currently offering our  Women Empowerment group in addition to the Navigating Tough Times: Group for Adolescent Girls. Below, you will find more information about these groups. If either of these groups interests you or if you would like to know more information about the groups, please contact the office at 410-343-9756

Women’s Empowerment Group

This group is for women, 37-65 years old. The group will address areas relating to dealing with life transition, raising children, empty nest, career challenges, chronic pain, relationships, separation and divorce. Through discussion, creative exercises and support group members will learn to navigate this stage of life transitions.

If you or someone you know is in need of support in these areas, consider joining our small therapy group. We are social beings and we rely on group-oriented support for connection and unique opportunities to work on the issues that we face.

Group Facilitator:  Denise Katz, LCSW-C

Day, Time & Location: Mondays, 6pm – 7:15pm – Silver Spring Office

Start Date: Monday, May 20th

Frequency: Weekly

Cost: 65 Dollars per session or Insurance (Most Insurances Accepted)

To sign up for this group, you can either call 240-780-8884 ext 1 or complete the form on top right of this page.

Navigating Tough Times: Group for Adolescent Girls

Adolescence is a challenging time for many individuals. A time in which there is competing pressures to develop one’s own self-identity but also to meet society’s (and your parent’s) expectations. Often times, young women feel that they are enduring this challenge alone and develop ways to manage these pressures that are potentially harmful. Group members will develop skills in communication, empathy, managing strong emotions, and developing healthy relationships with others. This will be accomplished through thoughtful group discussion and creative expression.

This group is for girls age 14-17 years-old. There is a screening process with the group facilitator that is necessary for admission. Most insurances accepted.  

Group Facilitator: Jennifer Sibley, MSW, LCSW-C

Day,Time & Location: Weekdays  7pm – 8pm – Silver Spring Office

Frequency: Weekly

Cost: 65 Dollars per session or Health Insurance (e.g. the cost of your copay for a professional office visit)