thumbs200-150-stress-manag Stress management involves learning a number of different ways and strategies that enable individuals to reduce stress and gain more control of their life.   The focus is not necessarily on minimizing the external stressors, but rather the focus is on learning how to better deal internally with the stress.  The objective is to assist the client with learning a variety of techniques to regain a sense of calm, decrease anxiety, fear, worry, and depression. This can help individuals achieve a more balanced life with a gained sense of autonomy and resiliency.

Whether we like it or not, stress is part of life.  Signs and symptoms of stress are often expressed through physical symptoms, in addition to impacting one’s thoughts and feelings.  Often, when stress builds over time it can lead one to feel drained of their energy, on edge with themselves and others and irritable.  This can also lead to difficulties with cognition including problems with concentration, short-term memory difficulty, and having difficulty “letting go” of concerning issues.  As is well known, there are several ways that stress can manifest itself through physical related discomfort, including headaches, backaches, asthma, GI problems, sleeping problems and susceptibility to illnesses.

Stress management techniques can help alleviate stress.  Often, therapists will assist the individual identify stressors and explore the possibility and different options of what kind of changes can be made.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a well known and researched technique in stress management.  CBT helps clients re-frame and restructure their concerns into a more realistic and optimistic viewpoint.

Additonally, individuals learn various relaxation techniques. These include: deep breathing, exercising, and meditation.

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