Children Psychological Evaluation1Is your child having difficulty learning, paying attention or getting along with other children? The truth is, many children are labeled as and treated for ADD/ADHD when they are really dealing with learning disabilities, anxiety or an auditory processing problem. Or maybe your child is “high maintenance” and none of the usual parenting techniques seem to work. Has a professional or friend suggested that your child might be “Bipolar” because of severe temper tantrums? Are you frustrated with your child’s behavior or concerned that he/she will have difficulty in life due to anger, frustration or irrational fears?

An evaluation, such as a psychological evaluation for children,  could reveal the source of these problems and give you information into how you can help your child and your family.

PsychCare offers comprehensive evaluation of the child’s learning, cognitive abilities, social/emotional functioning and behavior in order to accurately determine the root of the problems and make recommendations to help the child succeed at home and school. In addition, we routinely review previously administered school testing and interpreting the findings for parents. We assist and guide parents through the special education process and at times attend Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) meetings, as needed. We work collaboratively with school psychologists, administrators and special education teachers and staff, in order to assist parents in advocating effectively for their children.

If you think you or your child would benefit from any of these services, please contact us by completing our online inquiry form or by calling the office at 410-343-9756.

Psychological and Educational  Evaluations offered at PsychCare:

– ADHD/ADD through the life-cycle
– Learning Problems
– Pervasive Developmental Disorders
– Depressive and Anxiety Disorders in Children/Adolescents
– Disability Determinations