There are various mental health disorders that are similar to one another. For example, an individual can present with difficulty paying attention. Such a difficulty can be the result of ADHD. Additionally, someone who is depressed may lack the motivation to sustain attention.  Someone who is anxious may be preoccupied with worries and consequently may not be able to focus. Furthermore, learning can be challenging for someone with a learning disability or cognitive impairment and consequently this may make it difficulty to sustain attention. As you can see, having difficult paying attention can be related to a variety disorders. Identifying which disorder is the cause of the difficulty is essential  with developing a treatment plan .

At PsychCare, we use state of the art psychological testing to assist with clarifying between symptoms, diagnoses, and personality presentations. Having  an accurate and specific diagnoses allows one to develop and implement an effective treatment plan and interventions.  A psychological diagnostic assessment can help you distinguish between diagnoses such as: ADHD, mood disorders, anxiety disorders. substance abuse. cognitive deficits, learning disabilities, schizophrenia. bi-polar disorders, and personality disorders.