Discover the Work You Were Born to Do!

Too often individuals get stuck in jobs that don’t play to one’s strengths, and the result is that the job wears one down, filtering into the rest of one’s life spreading unhappiness and lack of fulfillment. Career counseling can help you to learn more about yourself by gaining awareness and knowledge of self by learning your interests, abilities/skills, values, and personality as they relate to career choices. We offer a variety of career assessment and coaching packages to best fit your needs:

BASIC PACKAGE (Consists of 3 meetings – Initial Interview, Administering Assessments, Feedback Session)

You will complete career assessments, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory designed to identify your personality preferences, how you interact with the world and people around you, which will help to improve how you communicate, learn, and work. The insights you will gain will provide a framework for building better relationships, drive positive change, and help you to harness your strengths and work with your weaknesses. It will heighten your self-awareness and provide deeper understanding of your individual strengths and blind spots, identifying interests and demonstrating how they relate to various occupations and careers.

You will gain educational and occupational information by becoming familiar with various educational and career related resources, and learn to gather, and process information about occupations as they relate to nature of work, working conditions, job market, world and US job trends, employment outlook, earnings and salary, educational/academic training, and related occupations as well as academic options and requirements.

PREMIUM PACKAGE  (Consists of 4-6 meetings – Initial Interview, Administering Assessments, Feedback Session, 1-3 Additional Sessions)

You will gain all of the above and learn how to conduct a job search via learning how to create and maintain a professional image, writing a resume, and cover letters, as well as searching and finding open positions, engaging in mock interviews addressing strengths and areas of growth and learning job interviewing etiquette, and how to communicate with potential employers to increase your confidence and commitment to the job search process.

ELITE PACKAGE (Consists of up to 10 meetings – Initial Interview, Administering Assessments, Feedback Session, 4-7 Additional Sessions)

You will also learn about decision-making and career planning as they apply to clarifying and setting realistic and achievable goals, developing and implementing an action plan related to a career path, as well as learning to develop coping skills to manage anxiety, deal with rejections, disappointments, grieving issues, lacking of confidence, stress, and/or depression associated with career choices, etc.

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