Four Habits That Will Transform Your Thinking

Often, we blame our unhappiness on circumstances beyond our control. We let our automatic thoughts, the cognitions that occur to us naturally, to take control of our thinking and thus how we feel. You have more control than you think. Changing your thought processes starts by paying attention to what it is that you are [...]

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It Starts At Home

In March, we celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day; a time dedicated to recognize and honor the contributions that women have made throughout the history of our country. It is also a time to be mindful of the strong female influences of today and a time to raise our collective consciousness about what [...]

Unsupportive Spouse Increases Risk for Depression

According to a University of Michigan study, having an unsupportive spouse can significantly increase the risk of depression. The study analyzed ten years of data from nearly 5000 adults. Researchers found that the quality of people's relationships with a spouse, predicted the likelihood of depression, regardless of how often their social interactions took place. Individuals [...]

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Happily Married Couples Are More Likely To Gain Weight

Researchers at Southern Methodist University tracked 169 newlyweds for four years, checking in twice a year to assess weight, height, marital satisfaction, stress, and steps towards divorce. They found the happier the couple was in the marriage the more weight they gained. This was in contrast to couples that were less happier, who tended to [...]

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